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The materials on this website are provided for your use, however please make sure to cite the authors in any publications using these materials. Thank you.



Social PST: PST manual NEW 2012.pdf

PST for Primary Care: Pst-PC Manual and PST-PC Appendix

Social PST Model for Depression & Executive Dysfunction (COPED): Social Problem Solving Therapy ED

Case Management PST: CM-PST



Problem Solving Worksheet.pdf

PST-PC Worksheet.pdf

PST Problem List.pdf

PST Homework Log.pdf

PST Relapse prevention plan.pdf


Adherence Forms

CM-PST Adherence Scale.pdf

PST Adherence Scale.pdf

PST-PC Adherence Scales session 1 + 2-6.pdf


What you need to begin audio recording your cases

PST Training - What you need to begin audio recording your cases.pdf


Information on our secure FTP site used for audio tape supervision

We use a shared secure FTP site to access the digital recordings for audio tape supervision. Trainees will need to upload their audio taped sessions to the site so they can be accessed by the trainers for supervision. Detailed instructions will be communicated to the participating trainees.

Our secure FTP site:

Additional Information: Security Information on the Secure FTP site.pdf


Training Videos

PST Introduction Session:

PST Middle Session, Part 1:

PST Middle Session, Part 2:

PST Termination Session, Part 1:

PST Termination Session, Part 2:



In addition to the above English materials, we also offer materials in other languages:


Chinese PST Worksheet_0.pdf

Chinese PST worksheets supplemental.pdf

Chinese PST-PC.pdf

Chinese PST role play manual text.pdf


Thérapie de résolution de problème traduction version finale.pdf


PST-PC Handout in Hebrew.pdf


PHQ-9 Form_Spanish.pdf



PST worksheet_Spanish.pdf


Spanish PST-PC Handout.pdf


Relapse Prevention Plan_Spanish.pdf